Thursday, February 17, 2011

Uses for Plastic Bags

There has been a movement to get people to get away from using grocery stores' plastics bag and using reusable totes to be more "green".  I have the reusable totes and have used them on occassion, but it was then that I found myself running out of the plastic bags and realized that I use them for a lot of things.

  • I use them to line the wastebaskets in my bathrooms/bedrooms.
  • I use them to line the wastebaskets at my work because the janitors never change my trashbag.  They just dump the trash.  This is especially gross (and possibly unsanitary) when I put in food or my yogurts cups in them.
  • My in-laws use them to line their kitchen trashbag and use those instead to fill up the larger trashcan outside, so that they use less trashbags.  I mean, you actually pay for the kitchen trashbags and the grocery store ones are free, right?
  • I use them to put old food or food preparation scraps and tie them up before I put them in the kitchen trashbag so that it doesn't smell as bad when I open up the trashcan.
  • I use them when I go on trips to separate my dirty clothes from my clean clothes.
  • I use them on ski trips to put my boots in so that I don't get mud and dirt all over the trunk of my car.
  • I don't have pets, but I know a lot of people who use them to pick up dog poop.
  • I use them to put my wet bathing suits in so that I don't dampen the rest of the things in my bag.  

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