Thursday, September 2, 2010

YouTube Playlists

YouTube has changed the way you view playlists several times.  I liked having the playlist on the right-hand side where I can see all the videos listed and then decide whether or not I wanted to AutoPlay.

Now they have the playlist bar on the bottom:

The problem is that when I go to a person's channel that I want to watch a playlist from, the playlist is embedded in that person's page.  If I want to view comments, I have to click another link, which takes me away from the page and away from the playlist.  I haven't found an easy way to get to the playlist bar at the bottom for different playlists.

So, I just take this URL and replace it with what I need:[VIDEO_ID]&p=[PLAYLIST_ID]&index=2&playnext=1

UPDATE 12/5/2011:
The URL is now in the form:[VIDEO_ID]&feature=BFa&list=PL[PLAYLIST_ID]&lf=BFa