Thursday, May 29, 2008

Toilet Paper Changer

I feel like that should be my job title. No matter where I go, I am changing someone's toilet paper. I feel like I am drawn to bathrooms with holders containing cylindrical cardboard with traces of toilet paper stuck to it. It comes to a point where I walk into someone's bathroom and cringe before I look at the toilet paper holder. Will I see:


This is especially irritating when I have to go to the bathroom really bad, only to jump around doing the pee-pee dance while looking for where the extra toilet paper is stored.

Another thing that irks me is not only seeing an empty roll on the toilet, but seeing a full roll sitting nearby. How lazy must a person be to not take 2 seconds of their life to remove the empty roll and put the new roll in? You're already sitting on the toilet with your hands free. Multi-task.

I admit, if the current roll that is on the holder is close to being finished, but is not empty, I will take out a full roll and place it nearby so that the next person will have access to a full roll. I am assuming that the next person will also change the roll. Obviously, since I have been in many situations where empty roll and full roll co-exist together, the person is not taking it upon themselves to be considerate.

Should I stop being considerate to the next person and quit putting out full rolls since they are not being considerate to me?

And maybe I should take toilet paper from a full roll and then put it back in the closet or wherever it is kept, leaving the next person to change the roll...

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