Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Google of the Day: Harry Carry

I heard someone say "He committed Harry Carry". What does that mean?

The first hit on Google was Harry Caray, a baseball player. That wouldn't really make sense.

The only thing I could find was on Urban Dictionary:

to commit suicide (from the Japanesse expression to slice oneself open with a ritual sword. A gross simplification of the actual Japanesse expression.) Example: see the film "Harold and Maude" for an excellent demonstration by the main character, out of context

1)That guy from Brooklyn committed Harry Carry when his wife left him.

2)It was Harry Carry time when his business when under.

3)Those Japs would commit Harry Carry instead of surrendering in WWII, thinking it was a more honorable death.

So, there's my answer... Harry Carry? Why not just say "He committed suicide"?

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