Monday, November 16, 2009

Weird Dream

In my dream, I was standing near the shoreline.  My friend, Liza, runs up behind me and says "Look at Chicago!".  I scan the horizon, and on what looks like a long pier, is supposedly Chicago.  Above it, there is this funnel cloud, that keeps touching down and going back and forth over the city.

Unsure of what it is, me and my friend run into a hotel, which is a few hundred feet away.  I get into the elevator, but Liza does not make it in.  I tried to open the door, but was too late.  I go up to the 25th floor.

I enter the room.  It looks like a bunch of gym showers.  There were at least three of them.  I hear knocking.  I apparently came in through the backdoor.  I go to the front door, but find a refrigerator blocking the hallway to the front door.  So, I have to move it before I get to it.  Liza is at the front door.  She says that she is the same way, in that she enters her house through the back door and ends up blocking the front door with things.

All of a sudden, I am on the roof.  It is very windy and rainy.
I see a blue and red helicopter fly over head, then lose control and slam into the roof of the adjacent building.  But the helicopter didn't smash into pieces.  It bounced up.  The helicopter is hanging off the edge of the building, where I am with someone on the roof who says that the pilot is passed out.

We scream and bang on the helicopter and the pilot finally wakes up.

He instructs me to start pumping this contraption a certain way.  When I start pumping it, the helicopter inflates like a toy and is eventually repaired.

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